Ted Nugent is offering a half-hearted apology for using the term "subhuman mongrel" to describe President Obama. 

After members of the political right called on him to do so, the rocker and conservative activist said he wanted to apologize, though not necessarily to the President - "but on behalf of much better men than myself." 

Instead of using what he described as "streetfighter terminology" in his verbal attack on the president in an interview last month, Nugent says he should have used more "understandable language such as "violator of his oath to the Constitution."  

The 65-year-old rocker has been campaigning with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott who is seeking a gubernatorial nomination in his home state. 

Texas Governor Rick Perry and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul are among the high profile GOP members who called Nugent's comments inappropriate. 

Paul called on Nugent to apologize on Thursday night, saying his derogatory description of President Obama is "offensive and has no place in politics."  

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