Today marks the 35th Anniversary of the biggest anti disco protest in hisory...

The year was 1979.  The "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack had been relentlessly dominating the radio airwaves for about two years.  In Chicago, Disc Jockey Steve Dahl (and apparently a lot of other people) had enough.  He put together a promotion where liseners were admitted to a double-headder game at Comisky Park between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers for 98 Cents and one disco record.

After the first game as promised, the disco records were placed in a big box mid-field and blown up.  There was lots of free flowing beer that night.  And after that, the crowd went wild, running on to the field.  I think pretty much everybody underestimated the anti-disco sentiment at the time.  The crowd never went back into the stands...and riot police were eventually called to clear out the stadium.

They never got around to playing game number 2 that night. The second game was initially postponed, but was forfeited to the Tigers the next day by order of American League president Lee MacPhail.

Here's a YouTube video of how the event was covered on TV:


Hope you enjoyed that.  Come to think of it, Rock 103 has been the alternative to disco for about 37 years now.  Stay rockin' my friend!