Selfie - A self-taken photo, especially for use on a social networking site like Facebook.  You can always tell the selfies by the arm extending out of the picture.  Selfies are a convenient way of getting your photo up on a social networking site if you have no real friends around to take a picture of you.  Extra credit is given for making a "kissy face" giving the peace sign, or sticking out your toungue.  Looking away from the camera doesn't make it look any less like a selfie, by the way.


Twerk - To rhytmically gyrate your lower extremities in a manner to create sexual arousal...or laughter...or both. Thank you Miley for insuring that this term made it into our lexicon of language.


Said No One Ever - An expression designed to point out the absurdity or unlikely nature of a statement.  As in: "Oops, I brought too much beer to the party" Said No One Ever.


Please Advise - Corporate buzzword for the better known expression "WTF?"



The reports were due at 8:00 this morning.

Please Advise
-(The Boss)


Yolo - An abbreviation for "You Only Live Once".  Frequently used to justify foolish behavior or a major screwup after the fact. As in:  Well, I totaled my car after we left the bar last night.  But hey, you know, Yolo.  This has the potential to become the most annoying expression of the year.


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