This weekend,  this guy is runnig the radio station:

"Otto" the Auto Pilot

Yep, we're putting this Flame Thrower on Autopilot for the 3-day weekend.  (It's a lot easier to cook stuff on the grill and make beer runs that way!)

We'll be giving you chances to rock the next song, so you can choose your own tunes for that backyard cookout.

With the radio station on Auto Pilot, that means we can throw the remote broadcast gear in the car and go wherever the party is...and we'll be doing that too.

Saturday night, the Grizzlies take on the Spurs at Fedex Forum in Game 4 of the West Finals...and we'll be there too.  We're heading back to Beale Street at the main Fedex Forum Plaza.  If you remember when Rock 103 was on Beale, that was our former parking lot.  Now it's the main entrance to the Grindhouse!  We're right in the middle of the action for a downtown-wide party that's sure to last late into the night.  We're trucking in Jumbo TV's to watch the game on for this downtown-wide party.

Enjoy your Rock 103 Weekend...and Stay Rockin' My Friend!