Congrats to Memphis own eighteen year old guitar wiz Tommy Gonzales on being selected for a European tour with New Jersey thrash metal band Condition Critical. After trying to help the band land a show here in Memphis, Tommy stayed connected with CC's bassist and when the word was out they needed a guitarist, of course, Tommy nailed the gig.  

Tommy currently plays with his own thrash trio, Dawn Patrol, who will release another EP titled Police State in June (interview on Rock 103s Memphis Made around release time). I've said it many times and will say it again, Dawn Patrol has definitely done its thrash metal homework and represents the genre well! A trio with musical chops well beyond its teenage years!

Metal fists in the air for Tommy as he heads out with CC to rep Memphis well!


Dawn Patrol (Kyle Gonzales, Tommy Gonzales, Spencer Martin) at Ardent Studios with Alan Burcham recording the upcoming EP release Police State!

Preview of DP's upcoming Police State album art by Andrei Bouzikov. His album art has been featured by such bands as Skeletonwitch, Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste.