What an honor to join #bassguitarhero Lee Sklar, and Welsh singer-songwriter Judith Owen for a tour through the Stax Museum this past Wednesday. Both heavily influenced by the magical sounds of Memphis Music, check out my interviews with each of them below and hear for yourself. Their full Memphis experience was complete with a trip to The Rendezvous and a visit to the mighty Mississip before Judith's incredible show at the Hi-Tone that evening. It was of the most moving and heartfelt shows I've been to in a long time. And as a bass player, getting to finally see Lee play live was even better than I ever imagined- true life-changing moment for me. If you missed it, please do yourself a favor and spend time with Judith's latest release "Ebb and Flow" which also features legendary drummer Russ Kunkel and guitar ace Waddy Wachtel! You will not be disappointed! Judith is a force to be reckoned with and that Lee is not half bad himself. Such a special day!


While down by the river (though not in a van), I just couldn't help but stage a cliché train track band photo of these awesome characters. From left to right: Yea, that's Harry Shearer aka Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap (he's the lucky guy married to Judith), Judith, Lee and percussionist, Pedro Segundo.


Lee having a love affair with Duck Dunn's Fender P Bass! This guy never stops!


Beautiful Judith with Isaac Hayes Cadillac!

Lee Sklar-the man who insists you fly the bird, upon meeting him, and allow him to capture it in a photo. He has almost 9000 photos of well-known folks doin' the same. Some of which you wouldn't believe without seeing firsthand, as I did! Lee, a man who insists he'll never grow up and neither should you! Gotta love it!

A magical evening with Judith Owen and friends at the Hi-Tone!

Judith, Lee and Harry in that amazing hall in the Stax Museum showcasing the legacy of Stax Records!