Each year it's certainly awesome to see what new music gear and products will be launched at Winter NAMM and equally exciting to see which music heroes will be endorsing those companies. Part of the excitement of NAMM is seeing and meeting your music heroes. I knew going into this year's NAMM that I wanted to feature ladies of the low end as I've noticed their presence has become undeniable over the last years. These gals have carved impressive careers for themselves and have mind-blowing musicality and chops for days. What an incredible honor to speak with Share Ross, Antonella Mazza and Tanya O'Callaghan and also, get to check out Bass Bash headliners Divinity Roxx and Alissia Benveniste. First thing I did when I got home after soaking up all this bass guitar hero inspiration? Of course, pick up my bass. Salud Ladies of the low! 

Special thanks to Jon Giroux with Warwick Framus and photographers Joe Schaeffer and Tara Ziemba

Top left: Share Ross, photo credit: Joe Schaeffer/Top right: Divinity Roxx, photo credit: Tara Ziemba and bottom left: Alissia Benveniste, photo credit: Tara Ziemba

Above pictured: Share Ross, Anaheim House of Blues 1/21/16 (Photo credit: Joe Schaeffer Photography) 

Vixen rocks Anaheim House of Blues during 2016 Winter NAMM (Photo credit: Joe Schaeffer Photography) 

Check out my incredible conversation with Vixen's Share Ross -one of the most down-to-earth and positive heroes I've met to date. Vixen were one of the only all-female, platinum selling hair metal bands of the 80's and these gals have made an unbelievable comeback rockin harder than ever. It was very moving to talk with Share about the band's comeback after dealing with the passing of original guitarist Jan Kuehnemund. In addition to holding the low with Vixen, Share now plays in Joe Elliot's side project Down N Outz and has her own band called Bubble. And if all that is not enough, she's also a life coach. She's superwoman..seriously. Last but not least, a very special part of this interview is Share's connection to Memphis Music as she is heavily influenced by Memphis Made legends Big Star. Incredible!

For all things Share, visit: http://www.shareross.com/

Audio interview with Share below

Above: With Share Ross of Vixen - #bassguitarhero and true rock n rolla

It's not every day you get to chat with one of Italy's most acclaimed bassists but I sure am happy I got to do just that with Antonella Mazza. She is classically trained and has studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. I've been inspired as a player by this phenom for quite sometime so it was an honor to pick her brain. Recently, she's been playing lots of gigs with Manu Lanvin and The Devil Blues and I insisted since she now has been bitten by the blues bug that she's got to come to Memphis - just makes sense. Find out more about this lovely and gifted bass guitar hero here: http://www.antonellamazza.net/

(Antonella's audio interview below)

Enjoyed getting to know Irish bassist Tanya O'Callaghan (shown above). She now resides in L.A. and has played with legends like Maynard James Keenan, Ronnie Wood and Orianthi and is quickly becoming one of the session go to folks in the industry. We chatted about her being a part of the Warwick Family, carrying on the legacy of another Irish bass hero, Phil Lynott, and what motivated her to initially hold down the low. An incredibly special gal who I'm pretty sure if you don't know, you will soon. For more info: http://tanyaocallaghan.com/ 

2016 BASS Bash 

(Above photo credit: Tara Ziemba )

Warwick Endorsee Divinity Roxx (above) laying it down at the 2016 Bass Bass (M3 Live Events Center) during Winter Namm. This incredibly gifted funkmaster has played with everyone from Beyonce to Victor Wooten. Her new album ImPossible is set to drop in April. Be sure to pre-order at www.divinityroxx.com  

(Above photo credit: Tara Ziemba

It was standing room only when Alissia Benveniste (above) played this year's Bass Bash on Thursday night. Huffington Post has named her the "future face of funk music" and she did an incredible job of living up to it at the BB. A confidence well beyond her 24 years, this gal is making it her mission to make you move by feeling the groove. Her debut EP is set for a release early this year and I for one will be anxiously awaiting its arrival. More info on Alissia here: http://www.alissiabenveniste.com/about/