March is Women's History Month and it's imperative that we remember and honor those women who inspire us to follow our dreams and find our voice. Whether it's an activist, artist or even a family member who inspires you, take time out this month to pay tribute. Women uplifting other women is the key to our continued success!

The University of Memphis is hosting events this month to celebrate notable women in history and you can even nominate a heroine who has made a difference in your life and/or community. Here's a link with more info:

And here are a few fierce females who continue to inspire me!

Laura Pleasants (Kylesa) -Although not a bass player, this dynamic guitarist/vocalist inspired me to pick my bass up some four years ago and start playing seriously. There are just some musicians who have that ability to reach right down from the stage and say "Are you gonna do this or what?" This metal goddess spoke and I listened!



Sonia Sotomayor-The first Hispanic and third woman appointed to the US Supreme court, Sonia has overcome many hurdles in her life to be a great role model for ALL women. From childhood experiences with an alcoholic father to being diagnosed with diabetes, this powerhouse never let anything stand in her way of becoming a champion for the people! I remember hearing her story when I was going through a very trying time in my professional career and it motivated me to look beyond my own personal issues and get things back on track.


Carol Kaye-It makes natural sense that I include a #bassguitarhero in this blog. Carol should be an inspiration to women whether they play an instrument or not! You can do a quick Google search to learn all about her unbelievable discography but just know that this #bassguitarhero was a part of the boys club long before women were allowed. She just celebrated her 48th anniversary of laying down that bass line for the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations". Wow! And I hear many male musicians say regularly that she is one of the finest living musicians on this earth! I couldn't agree more!