Memphis own pop/soul artist Ryan Peel is currently out on dates with Unionville, Tennessee's country rapper Big Smo! Like many a Memphis artist, Ryan relocated to Nashville several years ago in the pursuit of finding more consistent work in the industry. Hard work and perseverance lead to an opportunity playing drums for Big Smo, who also has his own A&E reality show chronicling the life of an up-and-coming artist at home and on the road. Ryan recently moved back to Memphis and you can see him on the reality show as well as on drums for BS here in Memphis on August 17th at the New Daisy Theater. Proud of Ryan as he does his part to continue the Memphis Music legacy and look for new music from him on Rock 103s Memphis Made very soon. 

Big Smo and Ryan this past week before a show! 

Ryan layin' it down with Smo at this year's CMA Fest in Nashville