Another year of NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) madness has come and gone and I'm completely exhausted as usual but it's ALWAYS worth it. Our Memphis Musicians repped us well and I was happy to be able to support. Listen to Rock 103s Memphis Made this Sunday at 9p for a NAMM Wrap Show featuring lots of Memphis Musicians who were there!

Getting to meet your musical hereos and see a lot of them play is definitely a bonus but the true rock stars of the NAMM show are the gear and new technology that allow musicians to become those heroes! Check out some of these things below!

(P.S. I'll have one more NAMM related blog this week featuring the Randy Rhoads Remembered Tribute Show. This special show deserves its own separate blog.)

Orange Amp Wall which I've nicknamed the "Wall of Fury, Doom and Destruction" METAL!!!!!

Here's my friend Steve Bailey, legendary bass pioneer and Berklee Bass Chair, with his signature six string Warwick bass. Metallica's own Robert Trujillo played a bass last night on the Grammys inspired by Steve's! Pretty awesome!

This was really cool! Here's Starr Ackerman with IK Multimedia showing off the new iRings which are the future of motion control for your mobile devices and MAC/PCs. This will allow musicians/music fans to wave their fingers or hands at mobile devices to make digital music without having to touch the screen.


Here's John Brown (Brown's Guitar Factory) with up-and-coming bassist Kyra Lynn (Against the Ordinary). BGF is based out of Minnesota and has some beautiful guitars! Check out Kyra's band!

And speaking of up-and-coming artists please do yourself a favor and get to know these two ladies: Guitarist Malina Moye (left) and bassist Divinity Roxx (right). Two amazing musicians who if you don't already will very soon!


See you next year NAMM!