IPA's dominating the planet right now



The Memphis Chicken and Beer festival is August 11th.  Here's some IPA's that are currently "blue ribbon" picks-

  • Le Cumbre Project Dank – It’s constantly evolving with a modified recipe with each iteration, and the highest-rated IPA to come out of New Mexico.
  • Tired Hands Alien Church IPA – A “blue-print masterpiece” with “bright flavors and aromas of grapefruit.” You’ll only find it in their Ardmore, Pennsylvania brewery, though.
  • Block 15 Brewing Sticky Hands – Those in the Pacific Northwest drink it by the gallon.
  • Burial Surf Wax – Find it in North Carolina, New York, and Georgia…and worth the trip if you’re not from one of those three states.
  • Toppling Goliath King Sue – This one packs a punch as a double IPA with a “massive Citra Hop” smack in the mouth.
  • Lupulin Brewing Hooey – We’re talking six different hops, here…having Minnesotans lining up for it this past winter.
  • Maine Beer Lunch – Proudly served and drank within the state that bears its name…”balanced, bright, and citrusy.”
  • Foam Brewers Pavement Imperial IPA – With as much beer that comes out of Vermont, to have one that stands out this much is impressive.

source - Thrillist 

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