Going from millionaire to 63 dollars in 10 minutes

Wouldn't it be nice to get a call from your bank with the message- the money has been deposited in your account.   Upon receiving that call, you check your bank balance and realize you're a millionaire. 

This 26 year old Boston woman did just that.  Erin said for about 10 minutes, she was a millionaire. Then the bank realized they had made a mistake and took it all back!   Her account had 1.1 million dollars in it and ten minutes later the account was back to normal. Today she says her balance is 63 bucks.  Of course Ellen took to social media to show her balance.

There's another Ellen Fleming who IS a millionaire. 

"You need to take every opportunity that's handed to you," she said. "But that seemed like an opportunity that could lead me to federal prison, so it didn't seem worth it."

Fleming called the financial adviser back to tell him a mistake had been made. She said the money had apparently been intended for a different Ellen Fleming.


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