Doing anything to enhance your mood

According to recent research,  Americans have an average of 204 "good mood days" a year. That leaves 161 days a year of mood swings in the other direction. 

Here's what some in the research study suggested doing to change your mood from ho-hum to yee-ha!

1) play with a dog

2) hold hands with someone you love  

3) listening to music you love

What do you do to improve your mood?  Here's my top three things-

1) get in my truck and go for a drive (around town or on the open road if time permits)

2) eat favorite food (cheeseburger, tacos or pizza)

3) text silly stuff to my kids, sit back and wait for their creative silly replies.  

Top 10 mood-boosting musical acts

The Beatles — 32 percent

The Eagles — 26 percent

Michael Jackson — 25 percent

Queen — 23 percent

Fleetwood Mac — 23 percent

Bruno Mars — 22 percent

Elton John — 20 percent

Elvis Presley — 20 percent

Adele — 20 percent

Whitney Houston — 19 percent

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