Throwback Thursday- where are they now

George Thorogood is known for not taking life too serious.  His music speaks to his life.  Inspired by the blues and artists like John Lee Hooker, Thorogood's songs tell stories we all relate too.  Drinking, paying rent(or not), and drinking. 

The debut record from Thorogood  was released March 1st, 1977 and was mostly covers of his favorite blues tracks. Including the cover, One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.  Four of the next five released racked up Gold for George Thorogood.  The Delaware Detroyers became "The Destroyers" .  

Side note- next time your at the bar, ask the bartender for a Delaware Destroyer.  

One of George Thorogood's biggest hits was the 1982 release, Bad To The Bone.  On the wave of this new thing called MTV, Thorogood used video to show what he was all about.  The video showed a clip of one of George's idols, Bo Diddley playing pool with him. 

Today, Thorogood is still touring and telling stories like only he can.  

Studio albums with the Destroyers

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