Memphis Made Interview w/ Dirty Streets

The Dirty Streets happened upon its drummer, Andrew Denham, when they heard him playing down the street from Justin Toland's (singer/guitarist) house and asked him if he wanted to join the band. He thought it would be a good option until he could "find a thrash metal band". Heh Heh! Little did he know that he would go on to round out the trio whose sound beckons back to the days of classic rockers like Humble Pie and even April Wine. A staple on the Memphis Music scene since 2009, the Dirty Streets recently self-released its fifth full-length album Distractions recorded with Matt Qualls at legendary Sam Phillips Recording. I've been around since this band's beginnings and can truly say that these tunes belong on classic rock radio which is why I'm honored to play them on Memphis Made. Classic Rock Magazine praises the band on a normal basis and they have done some touring in Europe with the hopes of returning later this year. Check out my two-part interview with some of the coolest dudes in Memphis and stream new tunes below.  And you're in luck, the Dirty Streets will be opening for legendary Memphis rockers Tora Tora tomorrow night (12/29) at Minglewood Hall. Go see them! Tix: 

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