Memphis Made Tribute to John Kilzer

If you are a part of the Memphis Music community and support Memphis Made Music then you know John Kilzer was a true Memphis Music Treasure. From his early days as a Memphis State basketball player to his his major label days with Geffen writing classics like "Memory In the Making" and "Red Blue Jeans", John's music was most influential to many. I had the honor of interviewing John several times but my 2014 interview is my favorite as it seemed to be his most open and honest interview sharing stories from the good old days and talking honestly about his addiction and recovery and how it tied into his spiritual and musical journeys. Sadly, we lost John on March 12, 2019 so of course a MM Tribute was in order and I decided to run that interview from '14 again on last Sunday's show. It seemed like the best way to honor this Legend would be with his great stories of learning to play from the late Hi Rhthym Legend Teenie Hodges to recording and other special times throughout his career. John helped and touched many people's lives through The Way over at St. John's United Methodist Church which is a service for recovering addicts he led and included many other Memphis Greats. Have a listen to last weekend's show and let John's life inspire and influence you to help others through your passion. If you know someone that is struggling with addiction please reach out to them and offer encouragement and let this interview be a reminder that we were all lucky to have the inspiration of Reverend John Kilzer in our lives. Continued thoughts and prayers for all of Reverend Kilzer's family and friends.

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