Memphis Made Interview w/ Robert Allen Parker

If you don't know Memphis Musician Robert Allen Parker you should - just in case that's exactly why I had this Memphis Music staple on Memphis Made last Sunday. Not only has he played with lots of folks like Memphis Blues Veteran Earl the Pearl Banks along with a whole slew of other Memphis Greats but he also co-directed the 2013 Memphis Music doc Meanwhile in Memphis: The Sound of A revolution along with Nan Hackman. This dude goes above and beyond to not only deliver his best efforts with his Memphis Music but he also does the same for our Memphis Music Community. We need more folks just like him for sure. All of Robert's musical projects and the doc can be purchased here: and I highly recommend that you snag them all. Get to know Robert in my two-part Memphis Made interview below and you can preview a trailer for the doc below as well. Also, check out that awesome pic of two incredible Roberts, Planty (Robert Plant) and Robert Allen, back in 2009 when he dropped by the legendary music store where RAP also works on Beale Street called Memphis Music.

Two incredible Roberts (Robert Plant and Robert Allen Parker)

Two incredible Roberts (Robert Plant and Robert Allen Parker)

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