This Week's Weird News

A pair of possible sea monster sightings, unsettling swarms of animals taking over towns, and a cyclops puppy born in Thailand were among the strange and unusual stories to pop up on our radar this past week.

This past week saw a pair of sea monsters wind up in the news as both Nessie and its Argentinian counterpart may have both been caught on film. In Scotland, the long-rumored denizen of Loch Ness was spotted when a man watching a webcam focused on the site noticed a dark object inexplicably rise from the water. Over in Argentina, a pair of fishermen were stunned when they saw a strange anomaly emerge from Nahuel Huapi Lake, which is said to be the home of a mysterious creature dubbed 'Nahuelito.'

In a development that can't help but make one feel a bit uneasy, this past week saw two separate locations struck by massive swarms of flying creatures. First, an enormous flock of great-tailed grackles descended upon a shopping center in Texas. A similar but far more nightmarish scenario is unfolding in Australia, where a small town has been overrun by 300,000 bats. Although we're reticent to attach any apocalyptic significance to these events, it's worth noting that they follow a third case from two weeks ago in which a 'Biblical plague' of locusts appeared in Africa.

Easily the most jaw-dropping story of the past week came by way of Thailand, where a puppy was born sporting just one eye in the center of its head. Owner Somjai Phummaman was astounded when his dog birthed the wondrous cycloptic pooch and said that his family plans to keep the diminutive canine as a pet. Appearing to be healthy despite its deformity, the pup has been given the name 'Kevin' after the popular one-eyed protagonist in the Minions movie.

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