'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Stuns Everyone By Solving Super-Hard Puzzle

Wheel Of Fortune has led to some fantastic viral videos, but most of them have to do with contestants who aren't able to solve the puzzles. There have been clips of a man suffering a crushing loss, a woman's incorrect NSFW response, contestants unable to figure out an incredibly easy puzzle, and even a questionable rule that caused one woman to lose. This week though, a contestant named Jessie changed all that and a video of her answering the puzzle in the bonus round correctly is going viral.

Plenty of people have done that though so why is the Jessie clip so great? It's because she miraculously guessed the answer with just a few letters on the board and many possible solutions to the puzzle.

Twitter was blown away by Jessie's amazing abilities.

The solve worked out pretty well for Jessie - she won $37,000 because of it bringing her grand total on the game show to $52,000.

Photo: YouTube/WheelOfFortune