Drivers, Open Your Eyes or You Could Kill Ryan Reynolds

Interesting how I came across this story about Ryan Reynolds, because I was just watching a bike safety video. The theme is "Don't kill Ryan Reynolds- open your eyes" and this story popped up in the news feed. I'm glad it did. After all, I'm the self proclaimed peddler of positive.

I read a great story about Ryan Reynolds pitching in to help save a toddler who's got a rare disease. Kaysen Martin needs life-saving gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy Type 1 (SMA 1). Zolgensma costs $2.8 million and has to be administered before a patient’s second birthday.

Hold on....what the hell is in this therapy that it costs 2.8 million dollars? Is it made of Kryptonite? Turns out, Novartis says the drug requires one treatment rather than over years and thus, validating the price tag. Insurance companies have agreed to foot the bill for some, but if you have a 20% co-pay and a high deductible, that's a huge out of pocket expense.

It's called Kaysen's Quest and at last check, the GFM was at half a mil. Oh, and here's the biker video I was talking about that led me to connecting Ryan Reynolds to this Kaysen's Quest.

Kaysen Martin

Kaysen Martin

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