Losing Friends on Social Media Over Masks

Are you willing to lose a friendship over masks?

Scrolling through my social media accounts more and more lately, I have seen a huge increase in posts from people who are willing to get into keyboard name calling and show an uglier side of themselves that I was surprised to see. Are you willing to die on that facebook hill over a “mask battle?”

“you idiots, you’re stupid conspiracies, how’s your mask-less life working out now” and on and on…

Facebook was at one time, a platform for family and friends to stay connected with photos, and conversations about what’s going on in your life.When “social media influencing” became a monetary side hustle for the Hollywood elite, their fandoms followed suit and friends value became nothing more than followers in numbers. I think a more appropriate name for the social media giant would be Sheepbook.

Now, many folks you thought to be your friends, are no longer talking behind your back, but rather talking behind a keyboard. It’s almost as if you are at a reading of a will… and when someone feels more entitled than others in the reading, the true underbelly of self-righteousness and I’m more deserving and smarter than you, really shines through.You thought you knew that family member or close friend all your life, and suddenly when a will is read- true colors shine through…. Well that’s exactly what is going on right now on social media.

I saw a post 20 minutes ago that read- “who knows someone that has tested positive for covid or even died from it… asking for a friend”- this is gas lighting at it’s finest. So this “friend” is doing nothing more than setting the table to call out anyone on their friends list who doesn’t agree with the position. If they had been asking for true, compassionate reasons, it would have been phrased differently. “hey, I’m curious if you know someone show has covid- how are they doing?” . When one of their so called friends responded, “I know 1 person and he’s just fine”, he blasted got blasted by some on the thread for not abiding by the unspoken fear narrative- "yeah, but how many people did he infect along the way?", "the un-selfish mask up", "but what about all those he passed it to?". It's amazing the number of people in the thread that immediately went straight to assumptions that he wasn't wearing a mask.

I thought about posting this – “who knows someone that’s tested positive for cancer or even died from it… asking for a friend". But you see, we’ve learned to live with illnesses and asking about testing positive for cancer doesn’t have the fear factor anymore. We ALL know someone who has contracted a coronavirus. There are 4 of them directly connected to the common cold… but we’ve learned to live with it and life must go on… we have to live with the risks of living our lives.

I’m done posting anything on social media other than dumb memes about giant technicolor squirrels and the occasional comment about how much I miss the days when we were all going to die at the hands of evil clowns.

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