The Real Reason These Two Aren't a Thing Anymore

Finally some news that's absent of the words- Covid | Coronavirus.

Danica Patrick has un-followed Aaron Rogers on social media. Why? Because they were never really "a thing" to begin with.

I decided to invest some of my valuable time scrolling through her instagram page. I had a little glimmer of hope that I may scroll upon a photo from her old GoDaddy spokesperson days, with her dawning a bathing suit, fawning across the hood of a hot sports car. Instead I scrolled upon photos of her fake, uncomfortable poses with Aaron Rogers. In this one, Danica Patrick looks like she's been forced to pose with a crazy fan at a NASCAR meet n greet. Her facial expression screams- "I'd rather be at a dentist getting a teeth whitening" .

In the big picture of life, this story does't deserve much more of my time, nor yours. But just for a moment, it gave us a vacation from the "new normal" news of the day. As you were.

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