2 Tennessee Students Arrested For Attacking Delivery Robot

Photo: Getty Images

Food delivery robots seem to be all the rage, from small towns to college campuses. However, not everyone is too happy with the digital deliverers. Two students at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville were taken into custody for reportedly attacking one of the food-delivery robots on campus last week, per WKRN. Now, they're facing charges of vandalism.

Patrick Callahan, 19, and Brock Garland, 20, are accused of attacking the Starship Technology robot on April 29, after it delivered the latter's food order on Fraternity Park Drive. According to the news outlet, both men tried to interfere with the robot's antenna before Callahan reportedly picked it up and threw it to the ground, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. The cost to replace the robot is about $5,500.

A video, which has since been deleted, circulated online after the incident that reportedly showed Callahan damaging the robot. The pair were identified through social media posts by members of Starship, who operate the robots on college campuses around the country. Additionally, data from the university's office of information technology placed both students in the area at the time of the incident.

Both Callahan and Garland are facing one county of felony vandalism of over $2,500.

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