Several States Residents Have Received "Mystery Seeds" From China.

If I had a guess I'd say China was out to attempt to sabotage America’s agriculture as an escalation of a trade war. Maybe Jack and the Beanstalk?

As of July 27, FDACS has received at least 160 reports from Florida residents reporting having received suspicious seed packages. The type of the seed is unknown at this time.

“Plant seeds from unknown sources may introduce dangerous pathogens, diseases, or invasive species into Florida, putting agriculture and our state’s plant, animal, and human health at risk,” said Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried. “Anyone receiving these suspicious seed packets should not open them, should not plant them, should limit contact with them, and should report them immediately to both our department and USDA officials.”

Of course Utah & Virginia were some of the earliest states to start getting the packages.

Virginia's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services also said on Friday that it was aware of reports of several residents receiving "unsolicited packages containing seeds that appear to have originated from China."

The department said that while it had not identified the seeds, they "may be invasive plant species." It asked recipients not to plant the seeds but to contact the Office of Plant Industry Services or notify a NON emergency number of local law enforcement.

photo: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services