Meat Puppets back together again

The Kirkwood brothers of Arizona, yeah- those Kirkwood brothers, are at it again.  I remember playing Backwater in the early 90's, A LOT.  Like many bands of that decade, things got quiet around 2000. Spacehog, Silverchair, Seven Mary Three, Bush, Everclear, Presidents of The United States of America, Tonic, Dishwalla and like bands where all enjoying significant exposure on radio. Then this high speed internet thing and youtube started to take hold and EVERYTHING changed.  Not that any of these bands like the Meat Puppets where bad, they just fell into a sinkhole without ropes and were forgotten. 

When I heard Meat Puppets were doing new music with original members, I sought out their song Backwater.  

Meat Puppets’ original lineup is reuniting to release their first new album together in 24 years. “Dusty Notes,” is due for release on March 8th.

Although the band has been putting out music since singer Curt Kirkwood reunited with his brother, bassist Cris Kirkwood, back in 2006, this will be their first album with the original lineup, including drummer Derrick Bostrom, since they released “No Joke!” in 1995.

“Dusty Notes” is available to pre-order HERE. Ahead of the release, the group has released a new single, “Warranty.” The band is also reportedly planning on touring next year, but the dates haven’t been announced yet. 

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