Family sues Lifetime TV network for calling them ugly!

A family is suing Lifetime after they say they were humiliated their holiday movie, "Christmas Harmony." Setiam and Katherine Allahare saying that they did not find the movie funny or Christmas-y at all. 

The Allahs are claiming that one of their family photos somehow ended up as a prop on the movie's set without their permission. The scene in the movie shows the title character, Harmony, hanging a picture of the Allah family to the wall. One of the characters pointed to the picture and said to take it down immediately saying, "They're ugly!" The Allahs say that friends and family even called them to say they recognized them...and had a laugh at their expense.

The movie aired back in November however, a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the family. They're suing Lifetime for all of the movie's profits.

Source: TMZ

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