A Huge Sigh of Relief, BUT I Still Have Questions

Hysteria in this country just got a wake up call to put it on pause. Talladega Motor Speedway's pit garage was the scene of a potential hate crime of the worst kind. A report of a noose found in the garage of NASCAR's Cup Series driver, Bubba Wallace. 15 FBI agents were sent to investigate the reported noose in garage #4. It's hard to believe that it would take 15 agents to get to the bottom of who put it there, when NASCAR pit garages on a race weekend, have got to be some of the most highly monitored facilities in all of sports. Cameras and 24 hour security personnel EVERYWHERE. Then there was ridiculous ideas being floated online that it had to have been "an inside job" (what ever the hell that means in this situation). Bubba Wallace and the rest of the civilized world (like you and I) was shocked to the core by the news of the discovered noose. He never saw it himself, but was told by NASCAR prez, Steve Phelps about it's discovery and they suspect it had been placed there as a response to the removal of the Confederate Flag from NASCAR events since Bubba advocated for the flag's removal.

15 FBI agents descended upon the garage to open an investigation. This was one of the most important investigations these agents would be assigned in a long time. Why? The hysteria this country is going through at present moment, needed a break. A Breather. A thirty second timeout. Thank God we got the news we got. Had the investigation come to another conclusion, it might have tipped things even closer to the brink.

The question that now has to be asked- why didn't one of the garage runners or the garage super just step up and say - "hey, that rope is used as the door pull- it's wrapped up and tied that way because it would get in the way if it was piled up on the floor" . Why did it take 15 FBI agents to discover it's purpose and the fact that it had been there all year!? Someone was too afraid to put his / her hand up and say... Hello?? It's the garage door pull!

Is it really just a coincidence that #4 garage was assigned to Wallace (based solely on his previous race performance), the only African-American Cup Series driver and who has been publicly speaking out against the use of the Confederate Flag at NASCAR sanctioned events and garage #4's door pull was a rope tied in the fashion of a noose? Yep, that's about it...that rope has been there for the last year or so...so says the FBI's 15 agents.

Mystery solved. Now the world can go back to finding another statue to remove, monument to desecrate and city to occupy. As you were.

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