Pokémon GO is STILL a Thing?

In August of 2018 photos taken by passersby went viral of Chen Sanyuan in Taipei City when the then 70-year-old was riding his bicycle around town with multiple smartphones hooked on to the handlebars. After reaching the front page of Reddit, Chen was approached by Taiwanese gaming website EXP.GG and he explained that he had come up with the bizarre setup so he could operate multiple Pokémon GO accounts at the same time.

As time went by, Chen started dedicating more time and money to the game, and gradually increased the number of smartphones hooked onto his bicycle. When we originally wrote about him, Chen had just upgraded from 9 smartphones to 11, but then his story went viral all over the world and he apparently felt inspired to go all out on his passion, buying even more handhelds. And then he got a sponsorship…

TVBS reports that the Pokemon GO super-fan‘s bike now holds a whopping 64 smartphones, most of which were donated by his latest sponsor, ASUS.

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