Capitalism Shines Even During A Pandemic

Dos-Equis has tapped into the need to social distance while while enjoying a cold one, or two. Introducing the 6ft cooler. Or there's always the redneck way of social distancing while enjoying your brew...

COVID-19 Essentials is now open on the second floor of Aventura Mall in Miami, Florida. It is described as a one-stop-shop for all your Covid-19 needs. From hand sanitizers and disinfectants to portable UV light sterilizers and shoe cover dispensers, this specialized store really has it all. According to the entrepreneurs behind Miami’s currently most talked about business, the demand was there and all they had to do was give the people what they wanted, but the shop has been getting some criticism online, with people calling it an opportunistic cash-grab.

COVID-19 Essentials isn't exactly cheap. A two-ounce bottle of simple sanitizer costs $5.99, and if you’re looking for something special you can spend $9 on a bottle of grapefruit-scented sanitizer. Simple face masks go for $29, but if you want to stand out, you can spend $45 on a Black Lives Matter mask, or customize one however you see fit. The owners of the store say it will remain open as long as there is a demand for what they sell.


And then there's the new Dos Equis 6 foot cooler, perfect for practicing social distancing.

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