Music is Timely and Timeless- Rock The Power of The People

I published an article today about restoring the power of the people. There's so much information and mis-information from so many different sources, that even the fact checkers need checked these days.

When we seek information from sources we "trust", we expect that source to meet our expectation of reliable information and not agenda fed hyperbole. It's appears that America is starting to publicly come forward and question the medical government bureaucrats who have been helping to form policy during this incredibly weird time we are in.

But one thing that always brings us back together- music. Music is both, timely and timeless. So many songs of the past are so relevant in what is going on today. One thing we always seem to do as a United States, is come together (if not just enough) to move through the issues we all face.

Here are videos of a few of the songs that were so reflective of the times- from ALL sides of the aisle. I realize there are tons more, these are just a handful of my personal picks.

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