Dr. "Plandemic" Throws The First Pitch

Let's forget for the moment all the "mistakes" Fauci has made and the fact that this country is in the condition it's in, largely at his direction. Somehow he's still worshiped by a sector of society who seem to believe that because he has decades "working" in his field, because he's been the director since 1984 of some joint called NIAID, that he is to be revered as the great Wizard of Oz. It's also very transparent that the very people worshiping him are more than happy to to keep this countries wounded economy crawling along like a three legged dog trying to find his next meal on the streets of China Town.

Tony "the Fraud" Fauci, has been shrouded in science labs for the last 50 years and would come out for an occasional hit of vitamin D from that ball of fire in the sky, just long enough to sign trademark and patent paperwork and then go back to his lab mixing beakers full of Chlorine and Baking soda. While 98 percent of America hadn't even heard of Dr. Fauci or remembered him from his past infectious disease judgments, his rise to sudden fame these last 6 months has exposed us to him. With that exposure, comes questions - why is this fella, who's past is as questionable as Mark McGuire's batting average, leading this team of "experts" on making behavioral decisions for everyone? Decisions that he calls "inconvenient". I didn't know that closing a business, built to feed families and make an honest living was an inconvenience. My noun to describe his decision is much different than "inconvenience" and it would require a 500 hz beep, if I said it on the air.

All his professional life, Fauci has been "the man behind the curtain". Now, he and his sidekick, the Scarf lady, have become bigger hits than Milli Vanili and in less time. But remember what happened to Milli Vanilli? They were swept under the carpet and thrown out the minute the media discovered their flaw.... While they were portrayed as singers, and the world bought it quicker than a cat jumping on a hot tin roof, they couldn't sing.

I wonder what Fauci's little secret is? Do you think he can sing? He can't pitch. He can't tell the difference between six feet and 2 feet and when he should be wearing a mask and not (as photographed). What we DO know about him is his affiliations with labs, patents, drug treatments and seemingly, his knowledge of when a virus might appear on the scene (watch the video).

One thing the mysterious Fauci must learn- with his new found fame, comes cameras. He'll learn quickly, when you tell us to do something, you had better know, that every where you go, the cameras will follow and it's not good optics to be seen behaving as you know we all should be behaving. Sitting with friends at a baseball game without a mask on. After all, you told us all to wear a mask, but you are clearly behaving in a way that you know is safe. Eventually, Fauci's dirty little secrets will be exposed and like all other political and deep state bureaucrats, the real Fauci will be discovered. The media feed off of train wrecks and must create one if there isn't one. I believe that once Fauci does something they don't like, they will spill blood in the water to get the sharks attention and then will stand starboard filming him as the sharks take him down. Unfortunately, the damage is already done. I'm sure there's a petri dish full of bacteria and silicone in a lab somewhere that needs mixed but with his new found fame, it's going to take a covert move to get him off our tv's, web sites and social media and back into that lab for another 50 years. Someone needs to tell Facui that there's a TMZ crew staked out in his air lock, climate controlled bubble boy lab, and that should do the trick.

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