Memphis Made!  A one of a kind show on Rock 1027 every Sunday night at 8. This is where you hear music made in Memphis.  Music is one of the bedrock's of Memphis' history and this remains a working musicians town.  Memphis Made on Rock 1027, is the much needed outlet for every musician who writes and records their music in the Mid-South. 

Airplay requirements:  Recorded in the Memphis / Mid-South (tri-state) area. Rock, classic rock, rockin' country, indie rock, alt rock,... how about anything with a guitar that rocks!  The song you SUBMIT FOR AIRPLAY MUST be properly coded for broadcast (sound scan, media base, meta data and all the things that a professional studio will know to do) 

Every week, Memphis Made is hosted by a band, producer or artist making music and keeping the Memphis Made music alive.  If you have a big show coming up, new release or other event coming up you'd like highlighted on Memphis Made, SUBMIT THE INFO for air and we'll pass it along to the show's producers. 

Every band is local somewhere.  These local bands are Memphis Made.