Memphis Made w/ Church Health's Yolanda Handy on the Memphis Plan

There are many reasons why Memphis is the best city in the world. Chief among them our Memphis Made music, of course, but also the Church Health which provides medical services through partnerships with healthcare providers, diagnostic centers, hospitals and nutrition experts to many Shelby County residents. Often our musicians are self-employed and find themselves without healthcare coverage which is where Church Health's Memphis Plan can be of great benefit to those in need. It was great to have the Church Health's Yolanda Handy drop by with the details on the Memphis Plan and how to go about applying for assistance through it. Have a listen to my interview with Yolanda from last Sunday's Memphis Made for more details. You can also call 901-272-7526 for more info. HUGE thanks to the Church Health for caring enough about our city to provide this much needed to benefit to so many.